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Truth with relevance….

Jesus Lived 2000 years ago, and after His death and resurrection, His disciples went to the distant places and preached and LIVED the Gospel, and finally died for it. Since then, the Truth of the Bible have been shaping, resurrecting, and rebuilding millions of lives in the last 2 millenniums. Each faithful men of God became God’s mouth piece in their generation.

After Jesus making everything eternally relevant, His followers LIVED and MADE the Truth of the Kingdom relevant to their generation. One of the reasons people are not serious about their faith in Jesus Christ is simply this that they fail to see a relevance on how the Gospel connect with the daily lives in the 21st century.

Jesus came to reconcile man to God, and to reveal the Truth about Him and us which would ultimately transform and renew our life. The more we allow Jesus into our lives, the more God transforms our heart, and renews our mind, and He becomes relevant in our lives and to our generations. It is another way of proclaiming that a Daily walk with Jesus in these times are possible, so that none has an excuse not to. There is none better to speak to our generation about God, than a life that is in pursuit of Christ, His heart, and His truth.

God is looking for One person, Just one. Just One

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