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Communication, Enhancing relationships ….

My mother always reminded me, “communication was very important in any relationship. ” To which i responded “……”. Nothing….


We had our disagreements and my pride telling me “I’m not the one who must change, she’s the one. ” or my vocation/tiredness telling me “you don’t have to respond anything, she will understand it anyway”. Now, i could say such things had done more harm to my relationship with my mother than anything else. She might even had thought she’d better have a robot at her home which at least responds… But because of my selfish prideful attitude, not only my mother was hurting, so was i as there was not peace and always a disturbance… And i looked to the heavens… to which a response came “Boy, you need to take a look at your heart”. From then started a pursuit for transformation of my heart and renewal of my mind.

Life is very busy, isn’t it ? We have jobs, responsibilities (if singles, we are least bothered whether we have or not), career, and somewhere in the basement, Family. We have time for everything,facts of life with which the self can be comfortable with. To buy food, cars, bikes, houses, Computers, TVs, Bigger TVs, and even Bigger TVs.  Our time is used wastefully lavishly. As i travel in the trains and buses again and again, i look around, i see people, lots of them. They either don’t care/bother to listen to anyone, or don’t have anybody to listen to. And when you start speaking to them, their life opens up, right on your face. A broken family, a broken finance, broken health, and what not.. and these pains stay suppressed under the curtains of the handsome/beautiful faces.

Now, as i look to God through the Scripture (Bible), and the broken human relationship, one thing is clear. We have missed 2 things :

1. Waiting/Listening.
2. Communicating/Responding.

The pains and difficulties of my journey invoked a cry for help to the heavens, God above, and my cry was genuine, and He knew it and He responded. But He was not talking about tips n’ tricks to change others, but I as person. The more i waited, wrestled, and listened to Him, there was something happening in me, and still happening, which for sure i knew is NOT me. As God stated speaking to me and telling about Himself, and His Holiness, yet His tender transforming  love caught my attention. And the only response i had was “My Life is a Mess”.

And i started speaking to Him in response, and many times, even found it difficult to talk about few things thinking, “What would Jesus think about me ?”.  Even thought it took it’s time (waiting), there was something changing in my own heart and mindset, towards God and towards people. I started introspecting my own heart other than pointing fingers at others, started listening and communicating with others than just being by my self.

“The more you are desperate for victory in your own personal life, you will be hard on yourself for a change, and soft on others” – Leonard Ravenhill.


If dear reader are struggling in matters to relationship, the best place to start is ‘share’ your life story to someone whom you find trustworthy. And if you are in Chennai, and if you want to share your story with someone who would listen to you, River of Destiny is the place for you. It’s been over 4 years since I started coming to this place, and i could literally see me coming into Life from Death..


Truth with relevance….

Jesus Lived 2000 years ago, and after His death and resurrection, His disciples went to the distant places and preached and LIVED the Gospel, and finally died for it. Since then, the Truth of the Bible have been shaping, resurrecting, and rebuilding millions of lives in the last 2 millenniums. Each faithful men of God became God’s mouth piece in their generation.

After Jesus making everything eternally relevant, His followers LIVED and MADE the Truth of the Kingdom relevant to their generation. One of the reasons people are not serious about their faith in Jesus Christ is simply this that they fail to see a relevance on how the Gospel connect with the daily lives in the 21st century.

Jesus came to reconcile man to God, and to reveal the Truth about Him and us which would ultimately transform and renew our life. The more we allow Jesus into our lives, the more God transforms our heart, and renews our mind, and He becomes relevant in our lives and to our generations. It is another way of proclaiming that a Daily walk with Jesus in these times are possible, so that none has an excuse not to. There is none better to speak to our generation about God, than a life that is in pursuit of Christ, His heart, and His truth.

God is looking for One person, Just one. Just One

A Beauty Beyond the Face ..


“No matter how plain a woman may be, if truth and honesty are written across her face, she will be beautiful.”― Eleanor Roosevelt

The first time someone caught my attention was when i was in the 5th grade. She was fair and beautiful. I longed to be with her but my self-esteem hold me back. I remember many a Saturdays riding my bicycle to her house over 20 kilometers away and just wait on the other side of her house behind the bushes to have a glance of that beautiful face. Not many times have i done that. Why would one drive all the way  when he can meet her every day when there is school ? 🙂 i purused her, silently. And i boasted about my unending love for her, yet the pain of no response and insult from my friends for being a fool. It’s been over 15 years now, still my eyes look for beauty, i cannot take it out. It is a part of me. I would be a hypocrite to say that i do not look at beautiful women. However, in the last 2-3 years, a lot have changed in what beauty means to me.

Every man seeks for the beauty and every woman seeks for that care and protection. I will be looking into the beauty part of it as of now. It was, is and always will be the driving of man for beauty and the pleasure of enjoying the beauty and making it own. One of the properties of Truth is that it is consistent and constant as the time goes by. it may build up and get better, but never contradict nor fade away. Which means that whatever  we claim to be True, whether may it be True Beauty, True Love, True peace, True Joy, True Life, or True ‘anything’, it Has to be consistent. The physical Beauty of a woman maybe instantly captivating, yet as the age goes by it is fading. Then what is in her that makes her worth captivating ?

The ‘Old Living Book’ says “A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies.”. So the real beauty is beyond what is instantly seen or pleasured. One of the reasons whyBeauty and Character relationships break down is because of men fails to see the beauty beyond what the eyes can see, and their eyes are still in their pursuit of satisfying that appetite for fresh instantly pleasing beauty. Finally, it opens doors for multiple partners and relationships outside marriage.

The man who is captivated the character of his woman (singular), is the one going to be forever in True Love with her, for as the years passes by her character becomes finer, and she becomes the most beautiful woman in the whole world, for he know her beyond what his eyes meet. All being easy to write and say, Yet the question remains … HOW ?

The Bible says “God looks at the heart”, and everything comes from the heart according to the condition of the heart. Only God can transform our hearts, and it is our privilege to ask God to look into our heart and help us change it into something worth His glory.

Men, Look to God, He is your God and source of Unlimited Love. Take charge and be responsible steward of what is given to you. Tame your passions. Let Him transform our heart and character which would enable us to see beyond what our eyes can see. Look at the character of  the woman, love her, protect her, respect her. And when the time comes in mono committed relational privacy, secure her in your love and protection till the time ends.,.


Woman, Look to God, He is your First Love, and the source of Unlimited Love, Security and protection. Let your beauty reflect that of Christ which makes you responsible for how you take care of yourself. Carry yourself with dignity. Allow God to work in your character so that you may find the will of God, His Holy will, and the man who will lead you in the adventure of  Pursuing the Greater Purposes of God. .

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