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Freedom of Speech, is it really Free ?

I’d like to share my view on FREEDOM of SPEECH, and to the question is it really Free ?, and this is something that we need to think about, and I’ve written about this too but only in short

Freedom does not give you the right to do whatever you want to, but the responsibility and power for what you ought to – Jim Caviezel’s interview by Dave Cooper

There is a lot to talk about. One is aspect of Love and its relationship with Freedom and Freewill, and it’s relationship with Art (Creativity). And i’d like to explain how my faith give me reason and make sense than any other explanation I’ve found.

So to speak about the topic of FREEWILL is and will be meaningless and inconclusive unless we start looking at it from different aspects.

One of the main difficulties we have in knowing what is FREEWILL/FREEDOM/FREE SPEECH has a lot to do with one of the most misunderstood Word by meaning, LOVE.

What is love and how do we understand what love is ?

Many a times it is narrowed down as mutual feelings which starts with two individuals, and pleasure that comes along with it, and finally THE END, so much for TRUE LOVE which Lasts forever !!

Consider the relationship where a Father gives whatever his son asks for whether good or bad, doesn’t matter. Is that really Love ? When the Father says ‘NO’ to something which he knows that which will hurt his child, is that a lack of love ? Absolutely not ! There are certain things which the Father has to say ‘NO’ to so for his son to sooner or later realize that his Father Loves him.

Another aspect of Love is between two wedded lovers (man and woman) who are in LOVE. Love between them is a very exclusive expression where there is truth and freedom to each other, but violated when a third part enters. When a third party is involved, the Exclusive Love doesn’t exist anymore since, neither does Freedom available only by that EXCLUSIVE LOVE, for True Freedom only exists only where True Love Exists.

To say that one is ABSOLUTELY Free or to say there is absolute FREEDOM, is to say that there is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and ACCEPTANCE, which is only in the PRESENCE of GOD ALONE, and HIS SPIRIT can give, and through us HE CAN Express this UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. love_freedom_now

I’ve explained the relationship between Love and Truth here

And what about Art and Creativity ? Where there is Love, there is Freedom. Where there is Freedom, there is freedom of expression, and when LOVE Expressed it explodes into Art and creativity in it’s true form…

So all are connected. If the purpose of Art and Creativity is violated, which means something has gone wrong in the understanding of freedom. If the freedom is not understood, it has something to do with misunderstood of the TRUE meaning of Love. And if Love is misunderstood all that we do and all that we are just meaningless.

This understanding and connection with LOVE, TRUTH, FREEDOM, and ART comes from my faith in JESUS CHRIST, who is the EXACT representation of GOD’s UNCONDITIONAL Love for you and for me. Unless we understand this LOVE, we NEVER Understand FREEDOM, We never understand RESPONSIBILITY, and TRUE ART.

Special thanks to Arnub Vs. Free Speech : News-hour Qtiyapa 2 after which i was inspired to write these thoughts.

It is Truth that give Love strength, and it is Love that gives Truth gentleness

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