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By Ranjit Gorde – To his parents – A Committed Love – A Example for Marriage to the 21st Century Youth

60 years!
That’s how many years they have been together, my dad and mom!
They have been through thick and thin, war and peace, a time of bondage and freedom, overflowing with abundance and bone dry empty barns, health and sickness, a place of glorious honor and downright humility, being pioneers and hopelessly lost, dearly loved and utterly hated, cheated and blamed, …….. but they stuck on.
They are of were not perfect individuals. At times they have hated each other’s guts. But they stuck on! From the ages of 24 and 19, they have never wavered, in fact, they have gone way beyond the vows made before God and man! Nothing could break that bond! Don’t know how they did it.
An inclination is that they wanted a girl, but lo and behold they got, one after another, six boys! That did not deter them from loving us. Not that we were perfect kids. We, in our ingenious ways, have tried and tested their love, patience, forgiveness. None of us ever felt less loved, less cared for; they gave us 100%. They never ever hinted that we were a burden but the six boys was their reason, the propellers, to go on for another day. They made us each feel special, each most favorite. They always gave us the best they had. Sacrificed their pleasures, their dreams, just for us.
They taught us values rather than the rules, God rather than the Law, prayer rather than pleading! They taught us nothing was insurmountable, no dream was too big. They shared the knowledge, and the imparted the Truth. They sheltered us, fed us, disciplined us, all six of us, without any partiality or favoritism. Do not know how they did it!
They are the best and I am blessed! I thank God for both of them.
Even as the day approaches, October 14th, I remember, I was not with them in Bahrain…I missed the 25th, the 50th, and most likely I am likely to miss the 60th wedding anniversary! And I know though they will miss me they will love me just the same.
Happy Anniversary!
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