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The Power of Imagination ?! – An experience, a learning..

I was in love with this girl, or say I was in emotional attachment with her. This happened long time ago. .

She was beautiful, and amazing, and I saw sparkle in her eyes. Her hair was better than silk. Her presence was like in the presence of millions of flowers blooming together continuously, forever.  In her character was royalty, and in her walk was grace, and in her gesture was dignity. Her speech was like honey, and words like kisses of love. There was music and so was a melody. The sun was never before brighter, and the greens were never before greener. Ah, it was wonderful. Her fingers crossed into my hands, the softness of her arms gave me comfort, which didn’t make me feel walking, floating, . Even walking on fire would have been a cool walk with her with me. Off we walked on the sea shores or Madagascar, the little warm grains of sand rubbing our feet, painting the feeling of being in the heavens with her, when the rays from the setting sun revealed the beauty of her eyes with a wide open pupil, like a baby wanting to grasp every moment of this new world.  One mile or ten, I ignored the distance, as we reached our hut, where the bed awaited for its joy to serve, for a time for love, intimacy and passion.

I do not know what you feel in your heart, or what you have in mind right now. But this was a dream and imagination of mine, through my mind, day and night, for long days. But then came a day that I realized that the dream stayed a dream, and a pseudo-reality. The real clashed with the unreal. My mind wanted to accept the reality, but heart. All my thoughts and words from her were actually from what i wanted her to say, but not her words at all. Then continued times of depression, frustration, isolation, and feeling of failure to reach my goal and my love.

When i came to my senses, i realize that, i started all with a wrong note, and an assumption of the reality, than the reality itself . And on this assumption, i built the palace, which ultimately broke down into pieces.

What did I gained ? Temporary unreal pleasure..

What did i reap ? Frustration, Disillusionment, Failure, Discouragement, and a broken relationship on the basis of assumption and feelings.


My question to you is this.. What is your dream ? What are you doing about it ?

If you have a dream, first of all, base it on realities, and second work towards it.


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