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The Flame of forgiveness

That day he felt so much away from God. Whatever happened in the night with her was like a dream, but so real to call it a dream. Lots of passion, emotions, and words, but missing was love. Being a believer in God, he suddenly realized that he has broken all the Ten Commandments. Thoughts were going through his mind and he felt as though there was no one more wretched than him. Questioned attacked him from all directions “Do i deserve forgiveness ? “and “How can i look at a Holy God who is Pure and holy and demand for forgiveness or grace ?”. Out of the frustration his cry echoed “There must be a way, there must be a bridge between this Holy God and this sinner”. Ah, Jesus ! But for all my sins ?

The next morning he woke up and a voice from within requested him “Take a White Sheet of Paper and write down what you have your mind, your love hate, anger, frustrations, sins, or guilt, whatever you have in heart and mind.” Hopeless as he was, yet his arms went for a pen and paper. As he started writing, the tip of the pen started reminding and reliving all what he did, choose and went through. There was intense pain and sorrow, everything all together, pages after pages of choices and consequences.

As the time passed, the nib slowed down and finally it stopped. So wet were the pages because of the warm tears. And then the voice said “Burn it”, and so he lit the end of the paper with a match stick. He looked at it burning rapidly violently, thick orange and yellow flames turning the white pages with the writing and the tears into ashes and vapour, burning everything except miraculously his signature.

Then the voice spoke “Look at it my son. The White paper represents my Son Jesus, everything that you wrote, you traded it on to Him. I as a Holy GOD as you said couldn’t stand any sin. My Wrath in it’s intensity fell on Jesus and your sins were burned into flames taking my Son’s life. The remaining un-burned  paper with your name represents your name Written on my Son forever, and you will forever exist and Live  with Him, and He is I AM, and you a part of us. I love you”.

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